Custom made wedding rings that are shaped or suited to your engagement ring - Made to fit in with your special day

Here at Selina Campbell Jewellery we are able to create a wedding ring that is suitable for your current engagement ring. Selina can look over your engagement ring and help you decide the best custom made wedding ring for you. It can vary from tailor made wedding ring that fits around your current engagement or even a wishbone style ring to compliment next to your engagement ring. Its really important to consider the right metal type, carat and style of ring to ensure the best suitable combination so they able to last a long time. This can depend on a persons lifestyle or job occupation to what is most suitable for them. You can find with off the shelf wedding rings they will move on your finger and rub down your engagement ring over time. This resulting in damaged settings and thinner ring bands. 

Our process in working out the best custom made wedding ring is to look at your current engagement ring. You can contact us and send over any photography of your engagement ring or any style of wedding ring you have seen already. Click here to contact our team, Or Further more click here make an appointment to come and show us your engagement and we can talk through your options. 

We can create a shaped wedding to fit exactly arround your engagement ring using Computer aided design. It is made to fit the exact diameter of the top of the ring. 

Example below:SC-021-Fitted-wedder-info diamond-shaped-wedding-ring-rec

Recycling old gold or silver to create new bespoke wedding rings

If you have any inherited gold and would like to contribute it into making of your bespoke wedding ring, this is possible. You can read more about on our recycling old gold and silver jewellery page click here

Below a couple of bespoke shaped wedding rings 

Recycled 22ct yellow gold ring made to fit exactly around white gold diamond halo engagement ring

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