Restyling old diamonds and semi precious stone jewellery - Give Diamonds a new lease of life

Have you been given or own a ring or other jewellery items full of diamonds or one single diamond stone, but it's not to your taste. Here at Selina Campbell jewellery we can take those diamonds and recreate a new design, setting or simply put on to current piece of jewellery. Even if they are not diamonds we can take semi precious stones and remount in a new creative way. 

If the stones are damaged or have rubbed over time we can re-polish or cut of little imperfections to make them new again. This does depend on the stone size and the stones condition.

We can take rough cut stone material and cut into a stone. This does depend on the size and quality of material to how big the stone will come out. This is at your risk.

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Below is an example of old set of diamond jewellery including diamond engagement, diamond wedding ring, and diamond eternity ring.

The metal wasn't used and new white gold metal was used in the new design and the current diamond stones were used to create a completely new dress ring 

Result 18ct white gold and old diamonds. 


Diamond and Ruby Cross over Yellow gold ring

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