Recycling old Gold and Silver - Manchester

Do you have an old piece of Jewellery lying at the bottom of a draw? Its possibly broken or you've inherited the old jewellery from a relative. You have it but its not your style but its sentimental and wish to wear it. We can transform this and your old gold and silver jewellery into a new piece of jewellery of your choice.  

Before you think of pawning your old gold and silver consider re-using it and putting towards a new custom bespoke piece of jewellery. You can have the freedom to create a new piece of jewellery, from you old gold and silver. 

You might have a piece you wore 15 years and its old fashioned jewellery and you have been looking at a new piece of jewellery online or in a jewellers. Why not use your old gold or silver towards this new piece of jewellery. Don't pawn it, re-use it! 

Unfortunately we are unable to recycle any platinum due to the melting point. Silver, yellow gold, white gold and red gold are all possible. Also there is always a risk when melting down your metal, as can crack or can become not workable. Most of the time this doesn't happen but in small number cases this can happen. We can tell you risks when assessing your options and metal. If you wish to change the type, for example from yellow gold to white gold. This isn't possible but the gold scrap value of your gold can be put against the overall cost price of the new piece of jewellery designed. 

Wedding ring workshop 

We offer the chance to create your own wedding rings on our premises. Its a one day experience and has been enjoyed by many couples. We do offer the chance to re-use your own gold in the workshop, we need to know the metal type and what rings you are after. Click here for more info

Inherited Old Diamond Jewellery

If you have inherited or given any old diamond jewellery, but wish to reset the diamond into a new mount or with other diamonds you have, we are happy to use those for make a brand new piece of jewellery Click here for more information

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Example of a previous recycled jewellery piece result

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Transformed into 9ct yellow gold into new wedding rings

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If you have inherited a relatives old engagement ring and its not your style. Why not revamp and modernize it into something you can wear forever. Take a look at out bespoke engagement ring page, click here.


Example of remodeled 18ct Yellow Gold bespoke engagement ring